Update – one week to go!

We are now one week away from the Birmingham Water Festival 2015.

VOLUNTEERS – even if you think you have passed names to us before – please send a list of all volunteers (including skills if you have any timekeepers / judges etc) to Shirley Wigley (who is copied in on his email. We need a minimum of 6 volunteers per club but the more the merrier.
We also need marshals to look after the children poolside. Your help is needed.

Raffle Prizes – this helps the Birmingham SAG to raise that little bit of extra money to help us to run this event year after year – please can all clubs bring at least one raffle prize with them – thank you.

Cannon – please can you let me know if your team are submitting an 8*1 cannon at the end of the gala – we are printing the programs by the middle of this week so please respond as soon as you can!

Medals – to speed things up a little the medals will be collected by the children during the gala from a table by the announcers desk – a volunteer is also needed for this 🙂

Many thanks for your help with everything.