Help needed for a Sports Study aimed at 18+ swimmers

My name is Montse Ruiz and I am a visiting scholar at the University of Birmingham.
This is for a study we are conducting at the Sportex School. As you can see in the letter attached, the purpose of the study is to examine athletes’ emotions and motivation and their experiences of coaching and how that impacts on other outcomes associated with participating in their sport.
We are looking for adult participants (18+ years of age) involved in competition (at any level), and the idea is to administer a questionnaire to them prior to one of their practice sessions.
The swim team at the university has participated already, but we need a larger sample of participants (actually as many participants as possible).
At the end of the study we will provide coaches a summary of the results, and if the participants would like to, we can also give them feedback.
I do hope you can get back to me, and that you can help us out.
Kind regards,

Montse Ruiz, PhD

Visiting academic

University of Birmingham

Tel: 07479429151