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Funding News

Registering for the funding news service ensures you are kept up to date with the latest funding news. The following news articles have been published in the last week. To view the full details of any news article, simply click on its title.

24/09/2015: Nuffield Foundation’s Children and Families Grant Programme – Autumn Deadline
24/09/2015: Petplan Charitable Trust’s Welfare Grants Open for UK Applications
22/09/2015: New Horizon 2020 Social Innovation Prize – Voting Open to Decide the Challenge

Your Funding Alerts

Funding alerts allow you to specify search criteria and then receive email alerts if new funding opportunities arise which match your requirements. To setup or change your funding alerts, simply login using your username and password at then run a search for funding.

When you are viewing search results press “Save Search”. There is an option to receive funding alerts at this stage so make sure this option is ticked.

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