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Swimming is a great way of getting active whatever your age or ability. It’s a low impact sport that can be enjoyed on your own, or with friends. If lane swimming doesn’t inspire you, there are plenty of group activities in the pool to get involved in which are great for socialising and making friends.

Getting started

If you are new to swimming or are returning to the pool and want to brush up on your skills, there are lots of swimming lessons available that are aimed specifically at adults. Use our handy Pool Finder tool to find your nearest pool and talk to them about ASA Adult lessons.

Most pools are open for early morning swims and close late in the evening. Different sessions are run throughout the day so you will often find adult only sessions or sessions just for women– contact your local pool to find the best time to suit you.


Swimming to get healthy

There are lots of health benefits to swimming and a range of ways to get healthy in the water.

Did you know:

  • swimming for just 30 minutes at a leisurely pace will burn off over 200 kcal
  • water is about 800 times denser than air which means you can work harder and burn more calories in a pool than out of it
  • different swimming strokes challenge different muscles within the body so you can choose where you tone up
  • swimming can support up to 90% of the body’s weight in the water, meaning that those with disabilities, injuries or illnesses can take part in a comfortable and safe environment. It also means you gain a full body workout.

Swimming with a difference:

Many people set their own personal targets such as swimming four, 40 or even 400 lengths. But if you prefer something a bit more varied you can sign up to MySwimfit to access training plans and challenges, or have a look at some of our more advanced training workout programmes here.

Group classes:

ASA Swimfit group classes (Swimfit Activate +) are available at pools across the country. You are able to discuss your individual goals with a fully qualified Swimfit Activator before getting started on your very own pool workout programme. You’ll have the support of your fellow swimmers and the motivation from your activator to help you go to greater lengths every time you swim.

Or if you already enjoy aerobics or zumba, why not try Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Jogging or a high-energy Aqua Zumba class? Find out where your nearest Aqua Fitness session is being held by searching on our Pool Finder tool.

Improving your swimming

If you’re looking to improve your swimming, we’ve got lots of handy tips on how to work on yourswimming strokes, how to swim faster and how spending time in the gym can help with your swimming. Click here to read more.

Open water swimming can be a great way to challenge yourself away from the pool and take your swimming in a new direction. Find out all you need to know and how to get involved here.

You might also want to try some other aquatic sports such as diving, synchronised swimming orwater polo. Lots of taster sessions are run throughout the country so why not give it a go?

Find out more

There are lots of reasons to go swimming and once you do, it can open up the door to many other exciting sports and activities.

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This Girl Can is a national campaign designed to encourage more women and girls to get active. The campaign is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery.

Join in the conversation using #ThisGirlCan.

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